Environmental and Quality Statement

INOS BALKAN has a long standing commitment to developing and adopting environmentally friendly production processes and providing high quality services within a sustainable economic environment and in harmony with nature and respect for people.

The company’s aspirations to achieve the highest level of quality in service provision, improve workplace conditions and ensure implementation of an effective environmental protection policy is manifested through the introduction of an Integrated Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 in all its operations.

The main pillars of Inos Balkan environmental and quality policy are:

  • Constant effort to fulfill all requirements and expectations of clients and end users;

  • Provision of products and services of the highest quality, within prescribed deadlines and at a competitive price and quality ratio;

  • Continuous investment in human resources that ensures high expertise and adequate competence of its employees;

  • Establishment of long-term business partnerships with providers, clients and subcontractors;

  • Rational use of raw materials, energy and water, reduction of emissions of harmful substances and prevention of water and soil pollution;

  • Minimization of new waste production and treatment of processed waste in a manner that it is not environmentally hazardous;

  • Continuous monitoring of the environmental impact of all activities;

  • Implementation of best practices to reduce adverse impacts on the environment and the existing ecosystem;

  • Commitment to preventing pollution in the recycling and/or recovery of secondary raw materials process and minimizing consumption of energy resources;

  • Continuous training of and knowledge sharing with employees and users of our services, in order to ensure competent and high quality performance in dispensing their duties

Company Environmental & Quality Policy