Aluminium Scrap

Aluminum Extrusions

It consists of door and window profiles, painted or unpainted, free of iron, locks, handles, and polyrethane rollers. it also consists of panel parts and chips.

Taint Tabor

It consists of aluminum sheets and foil, free of iron, plastics, cans, and aluminum radiators, aircraft and tense aluminum.


It consists of tense aluminum from aircraft and automobile engines, free of iron, brass, dirt, and non metallic elements.


It consists of cleaned aluminum and copper radiators with copper and/or aluminum fins on copper tubing; free of brass piping, iron and other impurities.


It consists of clean aluminum cans, free of iron, dirt, fluids, and other contaminants and impurities.

Litho Sheets

It consists of lithographic sheets, free of paper, plastics and excessive preence of ink and other impurities.

Talon - Taste

Pure aluminum wire without ACSR, iron, grease, clamps, insulation, and other foreign matter.